X-Ray Facility

The department’s Crystallographer Dr. Gregory McCandless is available to help you with your single crystal diffraction needs, free of charge! 

NMR Facility

The department has three NMR instruments:

  • Two Jeol 270 MHz NMR Spectrometers, primarily for undergraduate training 
  • One Bruker AVANCE II 400 MHz Spectrometer in NSERL 
  • One Bruker AVANCE III™ 500 Spectrometer in Founders 
  • Additionally, the university maintains a Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz NMR with digitally tunable and auto shimming solution probe with VT capabilities and a 3.2 mm VTN Multinuclear Double Resonance Magic Angle Spinning probe for solid-state NMR capable of 24 kHz spinning speed. 

All spectrometers must be reserved in advance before use.  Contact Dr. George McDonald for training information.

Mass Spectrometry

The department has a MALDI-TOF instrument, located in BSB 11.682. And an ICP-MS located in SLC 3.302. For training and further information contact George McDonald

Other Non-Departmental Resources:

Molecular and Protein Analysis Core provides support for spectroscopic and analytical work for proteins and polymers and is open to internal and external users.

Eugene McDermott Library Online has access to specific databases used by research groups within the department as well as subscriptions to research journals and periodicals.